The newly proposed Public Holidays (Lá Na Poblachta) Bill 2013 will add the 24th April to our current list of Public Holidays, as well as establishing a body known as “Bord Lá na Poblachta” to coordinate the celebrations on the day.

It is proposed that the new holiday, which will bring Ireland’s annual public holiday entitlement to ten days, will be in order to promote awareness and public celebration surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising.

The Bill also makes provisions for the Act falling during Easter celebrations, where it will mean that should it fall on Easter Saturday or Sunday the preceding Friday (ordinarily Good Friday) will instead be the public holiday as the following Monday will already be a public holiday (Easter Monday).

Before people start booking time off work for long weekends this April it is worth noting that this new legislation is only in Bill stage and is highly unlikely to be passed for this year. It may well be the case that it might not be passed until 2016 in time for the Centenary celebrations of the 1916 rising.

There are currently no objections to the Bill.