With the second anniversary of the introduction of tier 2 of the points based system upon us, many sponsors will be receiving reminders from the UKBA in relation to CoS renewal allocations.

Many sponsors are of course uncertain as to whether it is worth submitting a request for renewal of their tier 2 general CoS allocation whilst the interim limit remains in place.

Sponsors that have submitted their request are receiving e-letters from the UKBA advising them that whilst the interim limit remains in place their CoS allocation will remain the same ie if the sponsor has already been notified that their tier 2 general CoS allocation is zero for the interim period then the sponsor will receive a letter advising that the CoS allocation is still at zero. If the sponsor has been allocated some CoS then they will be notified of the number of unused CoS still available to them.

Despite the above, sponsors are urged to submit a request for the renewal of their annual allocation as it is yet to be determined how the UKBA will seek to implement the permanent cap in April 2011. Furthermore the UKBA warn that failure to do so may render the tier 2 general category inactive.