Around 10,000 products are classified as medical devices, a wide-ranging category including bandages, implants and surgical equipment. On 29th March 2007, the European Parliament adopted a proposal first mooted by the European Commission 18 months ago and aimed at improving the safety of medical devices. In relation to the reprocessing (i.e. re-use) of medical devices, the new rules clarify the meaning of the description "single use" across the EU, and provide that medical devices should be labelled in the same way in all member states if they are for single use only. The proposal requires manufacturers to avoid, where possible, the use of "CMR substances" (i.e. substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) in medical devices; acknowledging that a total ban on CMR substances would not be realistic, the proposal requires manufacturers to strive to develop alternatives with a lower risk potential, and to label any medical device that has the potential to release phthalates (chemical compounds that act as plasticizers) into patients' bodies. The adopted proposal also clarifies that computer software may constitute a "medical device" in its own right where it is used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Commenting on the adopted proposal, the EC Commission Vice-President commented that "this is good news as today's vote allows for enhanced patient protection and supports medical innovation..[and the] functioning of the internal market".