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Electronic marketing and internet use

Electronic marketing Are there rules specifically governing unsolicited electronic marketing (spam)?

Electronic direct marketing is regulated by the Information Society Code. Direct marketing by means of automated calling systems, fax, email or text, voice, sound or image messages may be directed only at natural persons who have given their prior consent to the marketing (opt-in). Direct marketing to companies and other legal persons is allowed if the recipient has not specifically prohibited it (opt-out).

Cookies Are there rules governing the use of cookies? The use of cookies is regulated by the Information Society Code. The use of cookies requires the data subject to consent to the use and the service provider to give the data subject comprehensible and complete information on the purposes of saving or using cookie data (opt-in). Users can consent to the use of cookies through their browser settings or other applications. Consent need not be obtained where the cookies are intended solely for the purpose of transmitting messages through communications networks or where they are necessary for the service provider to provide a service that the subscriber or user has specifically requested.

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