On 9 June 2011, the JFTC announced its decision that DeNA Co Ltd (‘DeNA’) violated Article 19 of the Antimonopoly Act by forcing social game developers to not contract with GREE, a competing enterprise active on the market for social gaming platforms. DeNA is also an internet company that provides various services, including social media and social gaming platforms, and regularly contracts with game developers for placing their games on mobile platforms. In the event the developers did provide games through GREE, DeNA penalised them by disconnecting the website links for their games on DeNA’s own mobile systems. The JFTC issued a cease and desist order which required DeNA to adopt a resolution at its Board of Directors level to confirm that the conduct had been brought to an end and also required it to notify GREE of the remedial measures taken. With respect to the game developers, the order requires DeNA to refrain from engaging in such conduct with respect to any other game developers.