Basel III implementation assessment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published by Basel Committee. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published two reports assessing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s implementation of the Basel risk-based capital framework and the Liquidity Coverage Ratio. (9/30/2015) BIS press release.


FSB releases progress report on FX benchmark reforms. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a progress report on implementation of its September 2014 recommendations for reforms to foreign exchange (FX) benchmarks. This report draws on assessments of market participants’ progress, which were undertaken by the main foreign exchange committees as well as by central banks in other large FX centers. (10/1/2015) FSB press release.


IOSCO publishes research department reports on corporate bond markets in emerging markets. The Research Department of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) published a Staff Working Paper entitled Corporate Bond Markets: An Emerging Market Perspective. The report, which is the second in a series on Corporate Bond Markets, presents findings from an in-depth study on the development and functioning of corporate bond markets in emerging markets specifically. IOSCO press release.

IOSCO publishes report on cross-border regulation. IOSCO published the final report of the IOSCO Task Force on Cross-Border Regulation. The final report indicates that cross-border regulation is moving towards more engagement via different forms of recognition to solve regulatory overlaps, gaps, and inconsistencies. (9/17/2015) IOSCO press release.

IOSCO publishes second implementation review of PRA principles. IOSCO published its second review of the Implementation of the Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies, prepared in collaboration with the International Energy Association, International Energy Forum, and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. (9/15/2015) IOSCO press release. 


ISDA in Review is posted. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) posted its ISDA in Review, which is a monthly compendium of links to new documents, research papers, press releases, and comment letters from the ISDA. (10/1/2015) ISDA monthly update.

OTC derivatives compliance calendar updated. ISDA updated its global calendar of compliance deadlines and regulatory dates for the OTC derivatives space. (9/30/2015) ISDA press release.

Australian single-sided reporting letter. ISDA issued the ISDA Australian Single-Sided Reporting Letter. The letter allows market participants to provide counterparties with status representations that can be used to help determine whether single-sided reporting is applicable for those entities with total gross notional outstanding positions of less than A$5b (Phase 3 Entities), provided they engage in derivatives transactions with counterparties that are already required or agree to report. (9/24/2015) ISDA press release. 

ISDA derivatives identification initiative. ISDA has launched a new data project to develop an open-source standard derivatives product identification system that can be applied across all derivatives facilities, including trading venues, clearing houses, repositories and other infrastructures. (9/17/2015) ISDA press release.