On February 24, 2016, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association published a paper which analyzes the regulatory frameworks in the US and EU for the supervision and oversight of trading platforms and aims to provide principles for the recognition of EU trading platforms by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Both the US and the EU have introduced rules which require certain derivatives to be traded on trading platforms. The US rules, which came into force in October 2013, provide that US persons may only trade the relevant derivatives on platforms that have registered as a Swap Execution Facility and that are subject to the oversight of the CFTC. The EU Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation, which is currently due to come into force on January 3, 2017 unless proposed legislation is passed to delay it for a year, requires certain derivatives to be traded on EU trading venues. ISDA considers that the CFTC should be able to make comparability decisions, deeming EU trading platforms comparable with those in the US, by focusing on the outcomes and core objectives of the EU regime, thereby recognizing EU trading platforms as SEFs. This would allow US persons to trade on an EU trading venue in compliance with the US trade execution rules.

ISDA’s paper is available at: http://www2.isda.org/news/isda-publishes-principles-for-useu-trading-platformrecognition