The Ontario Human Rights Commission (“OHRC”) is conducting a survey on “Canadian experience” requirements for jobs.

The OHRC has prepared two surveys – one for employers and one for job seekers who have faced “Canadian experience” requirements in job ads or in interviews.  You can fill out the survey without giving your name, or you may decide to give your contact information so the OHRC can ask you more questions if they are needed.

The OHRC intends to use what they learn from these surveys to assist job seekers to understand their rights and to help employers to understand their obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Requiring “Canadian experience” can hurt the chances of those who have not worked in Canada.  Concerns have been raised that “Canadian experience” requirements create barriers for newcomers and others who have only worked in other countries.

There are a variety of reasons why some employers believe they are justified in choosing only applicants who have worked in Canada.  Some use “Canadian experience” rules out of habit or because it is easier to track down references. Others use it because experience with and understanding of the Canadian context may be important to the job.  In any case, employers requiring “Canadian experience” should consider whether the requirement is justified, and should be aware of the risk of a human rights complaint.

For more information or to complete the OHRC survey, please see: