The FCA published a policy statement on disclosures to consumers by non-ring-fenced bodies (PS16/9) on 24 March 2016. 

Following consultation (CP15/23), the FCA has published the near final form rules in Appendix 1 to PS16/9 in the Banking: Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Disclosure by Non Ring-Fenced Bodies) (Amendment) Instrument 2016.  The rules create a new section 4.3 in the Banking: Conduct of Business Sourcebook, which sets out the information to be provided by a non-ring-fenced bank to individual account holders.  The FCA was required to make these rules under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Ring-fenced Bodies and Core Activities) Order 2014 (SI 2014/1960).  The final rules are likely to be brought into force later in 2016. 

The FCA has noted that disclosure does not have to be sent until that bank expects to receive a declaration of eligibility from a customer, and the rules will not affect the banks until the period immediately preceding its own structural separation.