On March 4, 2013 Congressman Federico Pinedo submitted a draft bill to create a Voluntary Registry of Trademark Rights with Customs.
The bill creates, within the Federal Tax Authority (Customs Administration), the Voluntary Registry of Trademark Rights with Customs (REMA after its Spanish acronym), which will record trademark rights submitted for registration.
The bill also requires the submission of an affidavit where the importer must specify the brand or brands on the goods or on their packings or containers, or the absence of such brands.
The purpose of the registry is that, immediately upon receipt of the affidavit with a trademark registered with the REMA or that substantially reproduces it, the Customs Administration will issue a warning to the registrant. Consequently, the Customs Administration will not authorize the customs clearance of goods, its exit from the customs office of entry or the primary customs area, as applicable, unless the importer is the owner of the trademark that identifies the goods or an authorized party.
At this point it is appropriate to recall that an efficient customs watch system is already operative in Argentina.