On August 23rd, the National Congress held a public hearing in relation with the bill of law “For Development of Unconventional Renewable Energy Sources and Special Regimes” (the “Bill”), at the initiative of the Senate Commissions on Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and on Legislation and Codification which must evaluate the bill.

The hearing was attended by the Vice Minister of Mining and Energy, representatives of the electricity regulator ANDE, Ministry of Finance, the environmental agency SEAM, the Paraguayan Association of Renewable Energies (APER), scholars and private sector businessmen, among other.

The Bill aims to promote private investment in the renewable energies sector and complements Law 3009/2009 “On Production and Independent Transportation of Electric Energy” (PTIEE), according to Senator Fernando Facetti. Senators Arnaldo Giuzzio and Arnoldo Wiens stated that the bill would be formally presented to Congress within the next 30 days of the approval of the Paris Framework Agreement on Climate Change.

Vouga Abogados participated in the hearing and has been supporting the development of renewable energies for years, actively participating in the Mesa de Energías Renovables y Sustentables de REDIEX (Bureau of Renewable and Sustainable Energies of REDIEX, a public-private group within the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the promotion of non-traditional investments and exports). As a result of this work in REDIEX, a “Plan of Renewable Energies for Paraguay” was prepared; the plan reflects the experience and regulatory trends of other countries in the region and particularities of Paraguay. The Bill is based on the fundamentals of the plan elaborated in REDIEX.