Today, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing titled, “Cybersecurity and Protecting Taxpayer Information.”  The hearing focused on safeguarding taxpayer information and what improvements can be made by the IRS to protect taxpayers from cybercriminals.  Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said in his opening statement, “[W]e have also seen unprecedented growth in the scope and scale of cyberattacks aimed at stealing personal information and billions of dollars from taxpayers.”

The witnesses were:

  • John Koskinen 

Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service


  • Terence V. Milholland 

Chief Technology Officer, Internal Revenue Service  

  • J. Russell George 

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Department of the Treasury 


  • Michael McKenney 

Deputy Inspector General for Audit, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration  

  • Gene L. Dodaro 

Comptroller General, Government Accountability Office


  • Gregory C. Wilshusen 

Director, Information Security Issues, Government Accountability Office