Digital transformation and automation are sweeping today’s enterprise. It’s not hard to see why. With proven benefits like time savings in manual processes, cost savings from paper and labor, and increased opportunities to ensure compliance and reduce risk… it’s easy to see it’s a trend that should not be ignored.

Yet 60% of digital transformation initiatives will be unable to scale due to a lack of a strategic architecture—in 2017—according to IDC. A critical tactical step required to drive a digital transformation is the integration. Integrating systems is what enables us to automate and remove the manual processes that have bogged us down for so long. 5 tips to ensure a successful integration

Particularly in the realm of contract lifecycle management (CLM), integrations are key. They are the common departmental connector that allows legal, procurement, and sales teams to be able to work together in a single cohesive system. This may be why integrations can be difficult, time-consuming and riddled with problems and do-overs. This doesn’t detract from their ultimate benefit, but knowing how to avoid common pitfalls will help ensure faster ROI on the projects.

#1 Have the appropriate stakeholders in the room.

There are several simple—though potentially time-consuming— questions to ask yourself and your teams. It’s well worth spending weeks, talking with a large group, across multiple meetings, to understand the answers throughout your company. Be thorough and be honest. Get input from all stakeholders to get a full view of your business processes and needs.

Tremendous benefits can be gained by taking the time to conduct a deep internal exploration of your company culture around the contracting process. What are you doing today? Where do you want to go? What pieces of this can be divided into phases? What are your current pain points?

Business owners will share the vision, in partnership with the technologists to provide the context and explanation of the foundation of their systems, technology needs and how the contract system fits into the enterprise-wide technology use and roadmap.

Integrations are extremely powerful—when done right. Download all 5 success tips from Conga pros who have a 100% proven track record integrating CRM, ERP, and CPQ systems with contract lifecycle management software.