Effective Aug. 2, 2019, Colorado law pertaining to behavioral health-related advance directives is changing. Under current law, an adult may establish advance medical orders for scope of treatment, allowing an adult to establish directives for the administration of medical treatment in the event the adult later lacks decisional capacity to provide informed consent to, withdraw from, or refuse medical treatment. However, Colorado House Bill 19-1044 will create a new “behavioral health order form” so that an adult may communicate his or her behavioral health history, decisions, and preferences (also referred to as a psychiatric advance directive) in the event that he or she lacks decisional capacity to provide consent to, withdrawal from, or refusal of his or her behavioral health treatment or medication in the future. Below is a summary of the new law and what behavioral health care providers need to know.

Colorado House Bill 19-1044 Summary

Healthcare providers should be prepared to comply with this law by Friday, Aug. 2, 2019. If you need assistance in implementing the revised legal requirements into new or existing policies, or have questions regarding compliance with House Bill 19-1044, please contact us as soon as possible