RFB Ruling Instruction n. 1.336, Feb. 26.2013, DOU-I, Feb. 27.2013, changes the time limits established by RFB Ruling Instruction n. 1.277, of Jun. 28.2012, published in the DOU-I, on Jun. 29.2012, for performance of the obligation to provide information in connection with the transactions between those resident or domiciled in the Brazil and those resident or domiciled abroad comprising services, intangibles and tangibles and other operations that produce variations in the property of individuals, legal entities or non-incorporated entities, The time limit for registration of information that used to be of thirty days is now the last day of the month subsequent to the occurrence of the transaction.

In the case of services provision, of marketing of intangibles or accomplishment of any operation that produces a variation of the entities´ property, accomplished by December 31, 2013, the established term will be, exceptionally, the last business day of the sixth month period subsequent to the date when the transaction began.

With respect to the transactions through business presence abroad related to the legal entity domiciled in Brazil, the time limit is the last business day of June of the subsequent year, and beginning in 2014, the provision of such information will take place annually with respect to the previous calendar year.

The taxpayer who fails to provide information or provides them with errors or omissions will be subject to fines that vary from R$ 500,00 per calendar-month or fraction, if the presumed profit regime is chosen, to R$ 1.500,00 in connection with the legal entities that, in the last tax return, calculated the real profit method or chose self-arbitration. If the information is omitted or inaccurate or incomplete, the fine may be of 0.2% over the turnover of the month preceding the provision of the inaccurate information.

(RFB Ruling Instruction. 1.336, Feb. 26.2013, DOU-I, Feb. 27.2013. Available at: <http://www.receita.fazenda.gov.br/Legislacao/Ins/2013/in13362013.htm>. Access in: Feb. 2013).