On November 30, the 9th China Patent Week was inaugurated throughout the country. Centering on the theme “boosting IP utilization and protection to aid mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, the China Patent week aims at enhancing IP utilization, guiding reform of entrepreneurship and innovation, optimizing market environment, releasing the productivity of the society, and catalyzing more jobs. SIPO and local intellectual property bureaus will launch a series of activities and events during the China Patent Week.

 Activities include policy promotion and explanation, corporate service, exhibition, experience sharing, information release, culture transmission, interaction, trade fair and achievement commercialisation etc.

 Six major events will be unfolded during the China Patent Week, including 1) promoting the optimisation and coordination of IP public policy system and improving environment for mass entrepreneurship and innovation; 2) improving IP public service system and providing more platforms for mass entrepreneurship and innovation; 3) further propelling construction of IP financial system; 4) promoting construction of IP commercialisation system and building an ecological innovation system; 5) improving the innovation capability of innovators and inspiring the innovation enthusiasm; 6) facilitating construction of IP culture and creating better environment for innovation.