In response to the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, the Canadian government had originally set aside $50 million for granting to Canadian relief and development charities on a donor match basis (in addition to a further amount of $85 million in grants to UN relief agencies and to specific major Canadian charities involved in the relief effort). The announcement and some details are available at ACDI-CIDA.nsf/eng/ANN-114115719-MVV. The Government has since lifted the cap and will match all eligible donations.

In essence, gifts by individual Canadians (up to $100,000) to Canadian registered charities that are earmarked for Haitian earthquake relief will be eligible for dollar for dollar matching. CIDA will then review applications for matching grants and award them on the basis of an as-yet undetermined evaluation methodology (but one that will put significant weight on the applicant charity's existing infrastructure and experience in Haiti).

All Canadian charities are eligible to apply and charities that collect gifts for Haitian relief but end up not being eligible (either because they are turned down or because they choose not to apply to CIDA) to receive matching grants may forward the funds collected to another Canadian charity that is eligible. That eligible charity can assist in completing the CIDA declaration required in order to ensure grant eligibility for the recipient charity. Thus, Canadian charities like a local house of worship that have the capacity to collect funds for Haitian relief, but that have no real Haitian relief capacity, should contact reputable relief and development charities for assistance with this process.