In this series of videos from Corrs, Breaking Down Brexit considers how the UK's momentous decision will affect the challenges facing your business.

Over the coming weeks we'll bring you insight from Corrs Partners who'll examine areas ranging from international arbitration through to competition law, privacy, regulation and more.

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In our opening video, Corrs Partner and CEO John Denton (AO) takes a closer look at the economic and political landscape and considers the implications for global trade and Both Australian business:

  • What are the immediate challenges for the UK, EU and the 'wider world?
  • Will next year's trade negotiations entre Australia and the EU still happen?
  • What should leaders keep in mind, as the terms of the withdrawal are Negotiated?

Look out for more episodes in this series, as Corrs Partners Consider the key issues will affect the ways qui qui in Australian firms and Their networks do business.

We'll examine the challenges That will come with the exchange, while exploring the potential aussi That might Opportunities Arise.