On June 21, 2007 the Chief Drinking Water Inspector's Annual Report for 2005-2006 was released and "confirms that overall the province's drinking water is safe and of very high quality. In all, 99.84 percent of water quality tests met Ontario's stringent drinking water standards."

The 108-page document aims to "provide Ontarians with the information needed to understand and evaluate the quality of the drinking water provided to their communities," said Jim Merrit, chair of the Advisory Council on Drinking Water and Testing Standards. It explains the eight components of the province's drinking water safety net, including the legislative framework, and outlines measures to strengthen them in 2005-2006. The report covers, for the first time, inspection ratings for municipal residential drinking water systems, the top areas for improvement in laboratory practices, drinking water quality comparisons between 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 data and the Ministry of the Environment's experience with the Compliance and Enforcement Regulation (O. Reg. 242/05). In 2005-2006 the Ministry issued 39 orders to 43 municipal residential drinking water systems. There were 33 convictions under O. Reg 170/03 and two convictions of licensed laboratories.

The report states that the 2005-2006 inspection rating for each municipal system sets a baseline for measuring future improvements and will help track yearly progress toward the goal of 100% compliance for all systems province-wide.

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