HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it is extending the deadline for Code of Practice 10 enquiries relating to pensions legislation in the Finance Act 2004. The period had already been extended by one year and is now extended by a further two years. The deadline will expire when the Finance Bill 2010 receives Royal Assent.

Code of Practice 10 explains that HMRC will offer information or advice about HMRC interpretation of the law, or the application of the law to a particular transaction about the application of legislation in the last four Finance Acts.

The deadline for enquiries relating to pensions legislation in the 2005 Finance Acts and Finance Act 2006 will also expire when the 2010 Bill receives Royal Assent. Further guidance is available as HMRC has set up a new clearance procedure for businesses where there is material uncertainty around the tax outcomes of a real issue of commercial significance to the business itself.