After a Nebraska federal district court determined that a former COR Clearing LLC executive qualifies as a whistleblower under the Dodd-Frank Act, COR Clearing moved to certify for interlocutory appeal the question of whether an individual who fails to communicate or report any perceived securities violation to the SEC can nonetheless qualify as a whistleblower.  The former executive opposed COR Clearing’s motion, arguing that whether she qualifies as a whistleblower is not a controlling question of law because she has made claims against COR Clearing that are not impacted by her status as a whistleblower.  Brief for Plaintiff, Bussing v. COR Clearing LLC, No. 12-CV-238 (D. Neb. June 16, 2014) (ECF No. 97).  She also argued that lack of controlling Eighth Circuit precedent is not sufficient grounds to allow an interlocutory appeal.