Complete with talking cartoon characters, the IRS today released an Internet-based workshop entitled Stay Exempt – Tax Basics for 501(c)(3)s. The workshop provides simple answers to several fundamental questions often asked by small and mid-sized charities.

  • How can you keep your 501(c)(3) exempt?
  • Does your organization generate taxable unrelated income?
  • How should you treat workers for tax purposes?
  • What are the rules about tax returns?
  • When do you have to show records to others?

Especially for new charities, the workshop may be a useful tool to help staff and volunteers understand the tax rules governing organization and operation. The website does not require registration and the IRS represents that "its visitors will remain anonymous." You can access the program at or from a separate link on the general IRS website, See IR 2007-13 (January 23, 2007).