The Labour politician Lord Hoyle has added momentum to the ongoing campaign to make smoke alarms compulsory in rented properties by speaking out in the House of Lords on 8 May  2014.

In response to being asked what steps are being taken to ensure that all rented properties are fitted with a smoke alarm, Conservative politician  Baroness Stowell informed him that landlords were being “strongly encouraged to implement these  fire safety devices in their attempts to provide secure accommodation to all of their tenants”.

Baroness Stowell stressed how the Government was conscious of how important a matter this was and  emphasised that a comprehensive review of safety in the rented sector was being undertaken.

The Government already supports the “Fire Kills” campaign, which encourages individuals to check  their smoke alarms twice a year at the very least. Baroness Stowell was also aware that statistics  show that individuals are four times more likely to die as a result of a domestic fire if a working  smoke alarm has not been installed. The question of whether or not smoke alarms should move from being “strongly encouraged” to “mandatory” is being deliberated upon as part of a  discussion concerning conditions in the rented sector. It is expected that this review will be  finalised this year. We will keep you updated as this progresses.