On 7 November 2007, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published the full text of its decision to allow the anticipated acquisition by Tesco Stores Limited of the two former Kwik Save Stores Limited stores in Audley and Dudley from FreshXpress Retail Limited and FreshXpress Property Limited (together FreshXpress). Kwik Save entered administration on 6 July 2007. Since then FreshXpress have been carrying on Kwik Save's business under a licence in continuation of and in succession to Kwik Save and with the right to direct the sale of the Kwik Save stores. The turnover associated with the acquisition stores is estimated to be around £2.8 million.

The transaction was notified by merger notice to the OFT which has decided not to refer the merger to the Competition Commission. Due to the very small market share increment, the OFT felt that the merger did not cause any concerns at a national level and would not result in a substantial lessening of competition within the United Kingdom.

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