On November 1st, the SEC provided notice of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board's filing of proposed amendments to Rules G-32 and G-34 to allow underwriters to satisfy certain of their submission requirements under Rule G-32 in connection with new issues of municipal securities by their submission of data, pursuant to Rule G-34, to the New Issue Information Dissemination Service ("NIIDS") operated by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. In addition, the proposal would revise deadlines for the submission of data to NIIDS, remove certain exceptions from the NIIDS submission requirements under Rule G-34 for certain short term instruments, modify the EMMA system to include certain elements of the NIIDS data on the EMMA website, and eliminate language describing auction rate securities as having a short "effective maturity." Comments should be submitted on or before November 29, 2012. SEC Release No. 34-68134.