William John Peter Reidy was sentenced to 16 months in prison in 2007 for illegal dumping of waste, which included asbestos. The Order for payment was made following an application by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The application is used when an offender is believed to have benefitted financially from their crimes. SOCA estimate that Reidy benefited by £1.7 million from his crimes.

On sentencing in 2007, the court heard that his company, Space Making Development (“SMD”), was paid to take building waste from companies in Yorkshire. He boosted profits by dumping the waste illegally. Environment Officers discovered his crimes when they became aware of illegal tipping taking place on council owned land at Low-Moor. The site was placed under surveillance and the Environment team were able to trace vehicles dumping illegally back to SMD.

Officers estimated that approximately 200 lorry loads of waste had been dumped illegally. Customers were provided with false documentation which allegedly proved their waste had been disposed of legally.

Reidy was ordered to sell land and properties to enable him to pay £176,000 to the Environment Agency. He was given 6 months to pay with a sentence of 27 months in prison if he fails to pay within this time.