Recently, the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property-Related Work in China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone were jointly published by Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province and the Office for the Work concerning China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. These first-of-its-kind guiding opinions dwell on the IP-related work targeted to be implemented in Guangdong pilot FTZ, one of the four pilot free trade zones established within recent years in China to spearhead further economic reforms and opening up of the country. 

The IP-related tasks outlined in the Guiding Opinions concern six areas, namely, i) developing high standard IP management and enforcement system that keeps up with international standards; ii) fostering diversified channels for resolution of IP disputes; iii) advancing the setup of new forms of IP operation platforms for commercial application of patents; iv) promoting IP financing; v) establishing the practice of patent-directed industry development planning; and vi) facilitating the availability of public patent information services and providing accelerated services for patent application, payment, and related recordal and registration matters.

The Guangdong pilot FTZ was officially launched on 21 April 2015. It covers an area of 116.2 km2 and is comprised of Nansha New Area in Guangzhou, Qianhai and Shekou areas in Shenzhen, and Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai.