Thompson Hine is pleased to share with you the fifth episode of Market Matters, our podcast series that explores legal and regulatory issues affecting the investment management industry.

This episode features Craig A. Foster and Joshua Hinderliter, associates in Thompson Hine’s Investment Management practice group, discussing an important issue that particularly affects investment advisers who serve retail clients as America’s senior population continues to increase: how to appropriately and effectively serve clients who have diminished financial capacity and may be vulnerable to financial abuse.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • What financial capacity means and how financial advisers typically encounter clients exhibiting signs of diminished financial capacity
  • The challenges presented to financial service providers when they suspect that a client’s financial capacity may be impaired, including how to provide their services in accordance with legal and fiduciary duties as well as privacy-related obligations
  • Regulators’ expectations for financial services firms to be prepared to serve clients appropriately and effectively
  • Where firms can look for guidance on implementing additional policies and procedures, or refining the ones they have, in order to adequately address the needs of clients

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