A Miami resident has sued Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in a Florida federal court alleging that its weight-loss dietary-supplement Garcinia Cabogia Extract, a product that Mehmet Oz purportedly promoted on his TV program, is not effective as advertised at controlling appetite, boosting metabolism, burning fat, and promoting weight loss. Hostrup v. Hi-Tech Pharm., Inc., No. 14-23309 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D. Fla., Miami Div., filed September 8, 2014). Seeking to certify a nationwide class and statewide subclass of product purchasers, the plaintiff alleges that research has shown that the product’s high-content hydroxycitric acid (HCA) fails to produce weight loss or fat-mass loss any more effectively than a placebo. Even at large doses, HCA allegedly “did not increase total fat oxidation in vivo in endurance-trained humans.” The plaintiff claims that she relied on the defendant’s advertising, labeling and marketing and was harmed economically because the product is not worth what she paid for it, or she would not have purchased the product at all. Alleging breach of express warranty, fraud by uniform written misrepresentation and omission,violation of Florida’s consumer-fraud statute (on behalf of the subclass only), unjust enrichment, and injunctive relief, the plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $5 million, restitution, disgorgement, attorney’s fees, costs, and an order directing the defendant to cease its deceptive and misleading marketing campaign.