This summer OSHA updated its national emphasis program designed to reduce the occurrence of amputations in the workplace.  The directive sets out a number of program requirements as well as adding a number of new manufacturing industry groupings to the scope of the program.  Here are a few highlights from the directive:

  • For worksites newly covered by the program, OSHA is required to engage in outreach efforts to the employer prior to conducting an inspection under the program.
  • Facilities with an amputation in the last five years can be added to the list of target entities under the program.  In other words, if your facility is not covered by the emphasis program, but has had an amputation, OSHA can add you to the list of targets for random inspection.
  • The new directive utilizes the NAICS code system as opposed to the old SIC code system.  This change will result in differences in the master list of potential employer targets for inspection.  You can find the list within the directive on OSHA's website here.

For employers falling within the industry listing contained in the directive, your facility is on a list OSHA will target for random inspections.  It is well worth your time to take a closer look at your machinery that presents an amputation risk. As they say -- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.