U.S. Global Entry program’s kiosks have started to be introduced at U.S. pre-clearance locations at major Canadian airports. This is part of the process to integrate the Global Entry and NEXUS Trusted Traveler programs.

Global Entry is a voluntary pilot program designed to smooth international arrivals processes for pre-approved travelers through the use of self service kiosks located at major U.S. airports. The pilot program is an alternative to regular passport processing procedures, allowing members to bypass the regular line.

Global Entry is available to U.S. citizens and U.S lawful permanent residents, as well as Mexican nationals. Citizens of the Netherlands may also apply under a special reciprocal arrangement that links Global Entry with the Dutch Privium program in Amsterdam. Canadian citizens and residents may participate in Global Entry through membership in the NEXUS program.

Canadian citizens who frequently travel into the U.S. should review whether they should signing up for the NEXUS program.

News Release from USCBP Regarding Global Entry System