On 9 April, the Commission released its “environmental footprinting package”. The package aims to create a single market for green products within the EU by facilitating the sales of green products within the EU through the availability of comparable information on their environmental performance. At present, companies have to conduct environmental assessments based on different national rules. The Commission hopes that a single footprinting method will enable mutual recognition of a product in all Member States, once it has been authorised in one Member State. The new package sets out two methods for measuring environmental performance throughout the lifecycle of a product – the Product Environment Footprint and the Organisation Environment Footprint – and a Commission Recommendation on the use of these methods to Member States, companies, private organisations and the financial community. The Commission will soon launch a three-year testing period and is looking for volunteer companies for its trials.

Full details in relation to the Commission’s environmental footprinting package are available via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eussd/smgp/index.htm