Some businesses and organizations that have installed green energy systems recently received a letter from the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) informing them that they may be liable for taxes on power generated as far back as 2009, Gongwer reports. The letters were sent to owners of wind turbines, solar panel systems and other green energy systems “warning them that they could be liable to pay Ohio’s public utility personal property tax and the kilowatt-hour tax” if they sold excess power generated by these systems back to the grid. Anyone “who generates electricity and sells it to someone else” meets the definition of a public utility and is subject to those taxes, including some net metering customers. Most residential customers do not meet the minimum nameplate capacity, over 250 kilowatts, to be liable to pay the taxes. However, larger entities such as businesses or school districts that install rooftop solar systems could meet the requirements. ODT spokesperson Gary Gudmundson said the letters “are intended to help renewable energy facility owners determine whether or not they should be paying the taxes.”