A former Royal Oak Township, Michigan, supervisor has been sentenced to three years in prison for taking bribes in connection with the award of contracts involving federal funds intended to be used to improve blighted areas. Supervisor William Morgan took a $10,000 bribe to unsuccessfully steer a contract to a bidder for the demolition of an abandoned theater. When the contractor who won the contract requested a change order for asbestos abatement, the supervisor requested and received cash payments of $500 and $1,000. Morgan understood that the payments were in return for his approval of a change order that fraudulently inflated the work’s cost.  

A co-conspirator was sentenced to 21 months in prison. Two other co-conspirators await sentencing. U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade stated, “It is particularly disturbing when an official not only takes bribes but also endangers community health and the environment by allowing the bribes to influence abatement decisions.” See EPA Press Release, August 3, 2012.