The U.S. International Trade Commission announced it will be accepting additional comments on certain Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) petitions from June 12 to June 21, 2017.

Comments will only be accepted on Category VI petitions, those which the Commission will not be recommending for inclusion in a miscellaneous tariff bill to Congress.

Per information posted on the Commission’s website, the public will be able to comment on:

“The administrability of the article descriptions in the petitions, the existence of domestic producer objections to the petitions, and other issues affecting their placement in Category VI.

In particular, the Commission seeks input that would clarify or narrow the scope of proposed article descriptions in Category VI petitions, including the constituent materials in the intended merchandise or similar information that would help verify the classification of the goods in chapters 1-97 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Similarly, the Commission seeks information that could clarify technical criteria, distinguish the intended merchandise in a petition from other goods in the same rate line, or narrow the scope of an article description to avoid covering domestically produced goods.”