Granite Reinsurance Company won an award for unpaid premiums from Acceptance Insurance Company (in rehabilitation) in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding. The unpaid premiums amounted to $9 million on a $15 million dollar policy that was purchased to cover Acceptance for five years. The parties had agreed to a $3 million per year premium payment schedule, due at the beginning of each of the five years covered under the reinsurance agreement. However, a dispute arose as to the calculation of pre-judgment interest on the award. The bankruptcy court awarded Granite Re pre-judgment interest calculated from the date each $3 million dollar premium payment became due (a different date for each of the three unpaid premium payments), and also awarded post-judgment interest from the date of judgment. In Re Acceptance Ins. Cos., Inc. No. BK-of-80059 (USDC Bankr. D. Neb. Jan. 19, 2011).