Twenty-three new gTLDs have been delegated since our last post. The following gTLDs have been cleared for takeoff:

  • .network
  • .企业 (Chinese for “enterprise”)
  • .business
  • .otsuka
  • .gbiz
  • .gmail
  • .pizza
  • .immo
  • .esq
  • .prod
  • .here
  • .youtube
  • .meme
  • .eat
  • .rsvp
  • .mov
  • .new
  • .ing
  • .frl
  • .day
  • .dad
  • .boo
  • .gmx
  • .pharmacy
  • .wme

Delegation is the green light for new gTLDs to launch into their respective mandatory sunrise period before moving on to landrush, early access and their final destination: general availability.

Geographical gTLDs are airborne and in route to general availability

The first weeks of September have been fruitful for new geographic gTLDs, which were delegated and now have formally launched their sunrise periods. Geographic gTLDs represent a geographic location, which may include continents, sovereign nations, territories, provinces, cities and states or even geographical landmarks. The following geographic-specific gTLDs have launched and entered the sunrise period:

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The following non-geographical gTLDs are in sunrise or will begin sunrise this month:

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The following new gTLDs will close sunrise and catch their connecting flight to the next phases in the launch process:

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