Crown Estate Scotland has published an update, including potential timeframes, on its proposed new round of offshore wind leasing in Scotland ("ScotWind Leasing").

Final timings for ScotWind Leasing will be linked to Marine Scotland's ongoing Sectoral Marine Plan process, with Crown Estate Scotland confirming that the round will not launch until April 2019 at the earliest.

Proposed timescales are:

Crown Estate Scotland Leasing Launched

April 2019

Deadline for applications to Crown Estate Scotland

October 2019

Offer of option agreements to successful applicants

January 2020

Commencement of Clearing

January 2020

Offer of option agreements through Clearing

June 2020

Commencement of second cycle of leasing

April 2021

Crown Estate Scotland published its initial proposals for ScotWind Leasing (distinct from The Crown Estate's Round 4 process for offshore wind leasing in Wales, England and Northern Ireland) in May. This latest update addresses feedback received from developers, local authorities and others on issues such as timing, site selection and milestones. A further update is expected by the end of January 2019.

Application sites must fall within individual areas identified by Marine Scotland in the draft planning stages of the SMP process and will not be permitted to encompass more than one area. It is intended that the maximum area of an individual application site will be capped (in thousands of km2); however, applicants will be permitted to submit an unlimited number of applications. Application fees are currently estimated at £15k to £30k per application.