What is Proposed?

The City of Subiaco Council adopted a revised Liquor Licensing Policy  on 26 August 2014, in a 9-3 vote. This is a significant move by the City as it will increase its powers to consider and impose conditions relating to liquor licensing at a planning application stage. This is an unusual position for a local government to take given the role of the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor under the Liquor Control Act 1988.

One of the most controversial changes to the Policy is the requirement for a Public Interest Assessment as part of the planning approval phase. This will be required where a proponent requires a new liquor licence (rather than an amendment to an existing one) as part of a proposed development. The assessment will need to consider issues such as the distribution of mixed land uses in the area, and the cumulative impact of the liquor licence. This has been criticised as a duplication of the liquor licensing application system, which already requires a Public Interest Assessment and currently occurs after the planning application stage. It will provide the City with a greater ability to place conditions on a planning approval, and assess public interest issues which are typically not planning considerations

Things to Consider

The City has resolved to release the Policy for public comment by 5 September. It will review all submissions received over a 21-day period and decide whether the Policy requires amendment.

You should consider putting in a submission if you believe that this Policy may affect you or your business.