In the past we have been critical of the CRA Charities Directorate for slow decisions on applications for charitable registration. However, even when the general registration backlog has been significant, it has always been possible to request expedited service in appropriate circumstances.

Registrations are now being granted in routine applications in less than two months. In the rare cases when that is not fast enough, the CRA will still expedite registration. We have seen registration letters granted in as little as two days after we sent the application.

Expedited registrations require applications that are complete and detailed. They also require a good reason for the rush registration. Examples of rush registrations that we have seen include an applicant that will miss an opportunity to receive a large gift or an opportunity to acquire a particular property for use in charitable activities. Rush registrations may also be granted in order to facilitate fundraising for response to a particular disaster.

The CRA's cooperation in expediting registrations is to be commended as is the general speeding-up of the registration process.