Paez on Biofuels, Kidd on CHP

Addressing a November 20 George Mason University event, senior Navy energy official Bryon Paez said the branch believes biofuels could be market-competitive by 2016. The Navy is on track to obtain 170 million gallons of biofuels at less than $4 per gallon by that year through an initiative with the Departments of Agriculture and Energy. At the same event, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Energy Richard Kidd said the branch will convert or replace all coal-fired boilers with combined heat and power technology; projects will range from $1 million to $126 million.

Hagel Unveils Arctic Strategy

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel unveiled the department’s Arctic Strategy November 22 at the Halifax International Security Forum. He said climate change is impacting the Arctic more rapidly than any other region, and he advocated for efforts like the strategy to ensure environmental and human security. Secretary Hagel also said that efforts to address climate change and invest in clean energy would create a stronger military.