Following State Farm’s removal of PartsTrader’s “fax only” option, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has issued a statement taking excepti on to “business mandates that property and casualty insurers impose upon collision repair bus inesses.” SCRS specifically identified mandatory parts procurement platforms as problematic. Additionally, SCRS stated its belief that such mandates may be illegal, even when they ar e made a part of a voluntary contractual agreement between a repairer and an insurer. The Iowa Collision Repair Association endorsed the SCRS statement. Society of Collision Repair Specialists (September 9, 2013); BodyShop Business (September 9, 2013); CollisionWeek (September 9, 2013) (subscription required); BodyShop Business (September 20, 2013); CollisionWeek (September 20, 2013) (subscription required).

The source of this information is available at: mandates.aspx