On April 19th, the SEC approved the BOX Options Exchange's proposed amendment of its rules governing the trading of Complex Orders to: (i) adopt definitions applicable to Complex Orders; (ii) specify additional order types for Complex Orders; (iii) revise the priority rules for Complex Orders; (iv) revise the rules governing the execution of Complex Orders and establish a filtering process for Complex Orders to assure that each leg of a Complex Order is executed at a price that is equal to or better than the National Best Bid or Offer and the BOX best bid or offer for that series; (v) provide for the generation of Legging Orders; (vi) describe the treatment of Legging Orders in the Price Improvement Period auction; (vii) provide for the generation of Implied Orders; (viii) delete or update miscellaneous provisions and rules; and (ix) provide for the display of Legging Orders, Complex Orders, and Implied Orders in BOX's proprietary High Speed Vendor Feed. SEC Release No. 34-69419.