The Wall Street Journal recently addressed the growing practice of litigation-finance firms advancing funds for parties to pursue their disputes in court in exchange for percentages of jury awards or settlements. Jennifer Smith’s September 15, 2013, article opens by observing, “Investing in high-stakes litigation isn’t for the faint of heart.” She discusses two lawsuits that cost their investors when the U.K. and U.S. courts dismissed the funder-backed cases. The U.S. case apparently involved an investment firm that has since closed its doors. According to Smith, at least five litigation-finance companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have $100 million or more under management. With some investors controlling large investment portfolios, some losses will not apparently have a great impact, Smith observes. She also reports critics’ claims that this practice could generate frivolous litigation and allow outside investors to exert control over legal decisions, resulting in an increase in overall costs.