The future of the UPC, and with it the unitary patent, is now uncertain. The agreement arguably requires the UK to ratify and it is now very unlikely that the UK would do so in the light of its pending exit. It also locates part of the central division to London. Those that remain could certainly seek to amend the agreement to set a different trigger point/location for the division, and move forward without the UK. That would delay the start date and there may be larger political imperatives. As the UPC's coverage has never aligned with the EPO, it is an open question whether the loss of the UK (albeit that the UK has a high number of EPO validations) from the system damages its attractiveness to industry. Another possibility is that a way is found to allow the UK to participate despite leaving the EU – some thoughts on this are set out in the opinion piece here. We will continue to monitor developments to see whether there remains sufficient appetite to drive the project through. For now though, a start date in 2017 now looks improbable.