By December 21, 2007, the last date when Congress is expected to adjourn for Christmas, the NLRB may be down to two members unless a recess appointment or nominations occur before then or are "on the way."... Members Dennis P. Walsh (D) and Peter N. Kirsanow (R), have recess appointments which end when Congress recesses... The 5-year term of popular Chairman Robert J. Battista (R) is due to expire on December 16, 2007...The Insider hopes that the White House or the Senate moves fast enough to rescue them all.

If Not: The departing Members will delegate their decision making and voting authority to the remaining two confirmed Members who will be able to vote and get cases out - - if they agree on the decision…DOJ approved this before when the National Mediation Board was down to one Member instead of three…Hang on - - more to come.