An interesting new article appeared in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology targeting medical students who the authors feel could be deterred from choosing a career in radiology by the misconception that AI will replace radiologists. The authors take the view, to which I agree, that embracing AI in radiology will only improve and enhance the speciality, not detract from its value.

The article addresses the misconceptions regarding the impact that AI will have on radiologists' services. The piece seeks to describe the role of radiologists in AI development, and and it urges medical students considering a radiology career to understand the challenges and opportunities arising from use of AI by radiologists.

They paint a future as one where AI algorithms "make radiologists more efficient, reduce stress and burn-out, increase accuracy in diagnosis, and optimize patient care." AI, they believe, will make radiologists more impactful in the delivery of healthcare, and thus should make radiology a more attractive specialty.

Fingers crossed for the accuracy of that prediction.

We aimed to provide a basic guide for medical students on the application of artificial intelligence in radiology, address misconceptions, highlight the role radiologists will play in AI development, and discuss the challenges faced in the future.