Treasury renews terrorist designation: Treasury has renewed a designation under the Terrorist Asset Freezing etc Act 2010. (Source: Treasury Renews Terrorist Designation)

RBS Independent Lending Review publishes report: The Independent Lending Review into RBS's lending to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has finished. Its final report makes nine recommendations to remove impediments to lending to SMEs and meet stakeholder expectations. (Source: Independent Lending Review Report)

FPC to review use of leverage ratio: Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England (BoE), has confirmed, in a letter replying to a request by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that BoE's Financial  Policy Committee (FPC) will carry out a review of its powers of direction over the leverage ratio once the Basel Committee, in early 2014, has completed the relevant final global standards. Carney finds that FPC should be able to vary the leverage ratio in line with changes to standards on risk weighting. He also confirmed that the review will assess how the leverage ratio should apply to ring-fenced banks. The Chancellor has also asked that, should the review recommend an earlier or stricter implementation of the leverage ratio, evidence be provided on how this would contribute to financial stability in the UK. (Source: FPC to Conduct Review into Leverage Ratio)