The CSA announced on July 18 the adoption of Multilateral Instrument 13-102 System Fees for SEDAR and NDR. MI 13-102 consolidates and replaces the existing system fee schedules found in the SEDAR Filer Manual and NRD  (National Registration Database) User Guide. The instrument was initially published in January, and the revisions made to the draft are not considered material.

These amendments relate to “system” fees payable to Canadian securities regulatory authorities in connection with SEDAR filings and will result, generally, in an overall reduction in the fees currently charged under the SEDAR Filer Manual or the NRD User Guide. These are separate from the “activity” and “participation” fees otherwise charged by Canadian securities regulatory authorities under local rules and policies.

Assuming Ministerial approvals, the instrument is expected to come into effect on October 12, 2013.