On June 16th and 17th, 2014, the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) initiated two new anti-dumping investigations and one sunset review in Brazil, as follows:

  • Circular SECEX N. 30, of June 13, 2014 – Initiation on an anti-dumping investigation on the imports of arched ferrite magnets (NCM 8505.19.10) from China and Korea, upon request of Ugimag do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Magnéticos Ltda;
  • Circular SECEX N. 31, of June 13, 2014 – Initiation of an anti-dumping investigation on the imports of cuticle pliers (NCM 8214.20.00). from China and Pakistan, upon request of Mundial S.A. – Produtos de Consumo; and
  • Circular SECEX N. 32, of June 16, 2014 – Initiation of a sunset review on the imports of tires for trucks and buses, rim 20”, 22” and 22.5” (NCM 4011.20.90) from China, upon request of the National Association of the Tires Industry (ANIP).

The anti-dumping investigation and the sunset review are administrative proceedings that lasts up to 18 (eighteen) months. The anti-dumping investigation may or may not result in the application of an anti-dumping duty, which will remain in force for five years. The sunset review may result in the maintenance of the duty, with elevation or reduction of the applied duty rate, or may result in the suspension of the anti-dumping duty.

In both proceedings, the Brazilian authorities will send extensive questionnaires to importers and exporters from the investigated origins. These companies will have 60 days to present their responses. Submitting a response to the questionnaire is the only possible way for a producer/exporter to receive a specific dumping margin, which is usually substantially lower than the general margin applied to the companies who do not take part in the proceeding.